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Healthy Office Culture

Office culture and employee retention are hot topics in business today. As the economy picks up and great people are more difficult to find, it has become extremely important to keep your employees happy, so that the employer next door does not steal them right out from under you.


This is not new news at Martin, Hood, Friese, & Associates. We have always wanted our employees to love coming to work every day. It seems intuitive – if the employees love coming to work, then our jobs are that much more enjoyable. Over the years, we have followed the below simple rules to make MHFA a terrific place to work:


  • Recognize success and thank people for a job well done
  • Provide timely and consistent feedback (a crucial component)
  • Give every member of the firm a voice in their work
  • Promote work/life balance; family matters more than work
  • Empower people to suggest and implement changes to how things are managed
  • Truly care about the well-being of your employees
  • Create company events that appeal to a broad spectrum of personalities


Ugly Sweater Participants, 2016

Escape Room participants, November 2016

A few pirates from Accounting Services, 2016

Big Brothers/Big Sisters Bowling Team, March 2016