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On Writing Better Emails

Post contributed by Greg Douglas

My siblings are better writers than me. My brother has an expansive vocabulary, in multiple languages, and has an artistic flow to his writing. My oldest sister was trained in the military and could, back in the day, type error-free over 100 words per minute, and she was a marksman on the shooting range to boot. My other sister spent her career dealing with major corporations across the globe and writes with precision and the strong voice of a multi-million-dollar contract negotiator. I peck away at my keyboard with one-finger-per-hand speed, always looking for the right words but never quite getting it right, and searching for the active voice, but often falling into the passive.


I may never match my gifted siblings in the language arts, but one thing I’ve resolved to do is improve my most common form of written communication, the email. Along those lines, I found the tips in this recent article about email-writing to be very useful; perhaps you will, too.