Accounting for General Contractors Peoria IL
Accounting for General Contractors Peoria IL

Support Your Construction Company with Accounting for General Contractors in Peoria IL

As the owner of your own construction company, you have the freedom to pick and pursue the projects that most interest you. However, as is already apparent, there’s more that goes into general contracting than building alone. The purchase of materials, contractor payment, compliance reporting, and more take a significant amount of time to manage. So, while you focus on the other aspects of construction, why not let a professional handle the accounting for general contractors in Peoria IL? Allow Martin Hood LLC to assist with your business’s finances.

The Job of Your Accountant

Truthfully, there’s more to consider when managing the finances of a general contractor than traditional accounting. Thankfully, Martin Hood takes the time to understand the industry of every client we work for.

  • Navigating Regulations
    • A construction company must deal with a variety of complicated industry regulations. These regulations deal with construction type, employee safety standards, specific zoning permissions and much more. Having an accountant who understands these regulations ensures you don’t accidentally violate any, thus costing you more in fines and litigation.
  • Financial Advisement
    • Our accountants are proactive, always offering advice on important decisions and thinking ahead to avoid potential financial pitfalls. When providing accounting for general contractors in Peoria IL, it’s our job to help facilitate your growth. This means we identify new opportunities or investments beneficial for you and help you steer clear of bad business decisions.
  • Other Accounting Services
    • Besides the high-level financial decisions we help your construction company make, we also manage daily expenses and finance reporting. For example, some of the specific services we offer are inventory, job budgets, payroll, equipment tracking, tax planning, union reports, job reports and more.
Accounting for General Contractors Peoria IL

Accounting for Your Industry

Martin Hood’s team of accountants and bookkeepers are well-educated in a variety of industries. We try and equip our staff with the knowledge necessary to best serve our clients. For example, some of the industries we serve include:

Talk with Our Team

Martin Hood LLC understands the challenges of accounting for general contractors in Peoria IL. And with our years of experience and industry-focused training, we offer you the financial guidance necessary for your business to succeed. To learn more, call us today at 309-322-7643 to request an appointment. Also, our Peoria office is located at 4801 N Prospect Rd, Peoria Heights, IL 61616.