Agribusiness Team at MHFA

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Agribusiness Team at MHFA

September 27, 2017

Agribusiness Team at MHFA

Welcome to our friendly fall refresher about the Agribusiness Team we have here at MHFA.

Services Offered

–    Accounting Services for Farms (Including Bookkeeping) –    Tax Planning

–    Audit and Assurance

–    Farm Payroll Services –    Business Valuation
–    Government Compliance Assistance –    Inventory management and Valuation

Our team members are:

  • Jeff Livesay, CPA | jeff@localhost
  • Doug Canfield, CPA | doug@localhost
  • Dae-Woung Kang, EA | dae@localhost
  • Nate Warman, CPA | nate@localhost
  • Rebecca Sommer, CPA | rebecca@localhost

Give us a call with questions you may have regarding your business and ask for any of the above-named staff for assistance!