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Martin Hood certified public accountants can certify the correctness and validity of your financial statements with assurance services in Washington IL. Our team can provide a comprehensive review of your documents. That way, your business can make better decisions based on accurate financial information. In addition, our services allow your business to increase the relevance, transparency, and value of the information you present to your creditors and investors. In fact, your business can apply our assurance services to any of the following:

  • Ecommerce
  • Information systems reliability
  • Business performance
  • Risk assessments

Our company takes pride in delivering practical advice and excellent service to our clients. Plus, our size allows us to provide a full range of services designed to streamline operations for our customers. In addition to assurance services, we provide accounting, bookkeeping, business advisory services, tax planning, tax preparation, tax audits, internal audits, payroll, and virtual CFO services. Our collaborative approach has helped to guide businesses like yours to brighter financial futures for more than 40 years.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

What Are Assurance Services?

We aim to improve the quality of your financial information to help your company make more informed decisions with our assurance services in Washington IL. By providing independent assurance, your business can take comfort that the information used to make decisions is reliable. Consequently, decision makers at your business face less of an information risk that could lead to missed opportunities or wrong moves.

In addition, our services allow you navigate risks, complexities, and opportunities in your partner networks. With our assistance, you could proactively monitor and manage risks from third-party relationships. Ultimately, many of our clients find that by sharing business performance better that it can lead to competitive differentiation and sustainable growth strategies.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments serve as one important benefit your company can gain from our assurance services in Washington IL. Companies are subjected to precipitous changes of fortune and increased risk now more than ever. With our assistance, your company can identify the full scale of the risks and take measures to mitigate their effects. Consequently, your business can evaluate whether you have appropriate systems in place to manage risks that you face.

An Evaluation of Business Performance

Your business can gain a more accurate measure of whether you are achieving goals and objectives with our assurance services in Washington IL. Also, you can measure the performance of your company against that of your competitors. Plus, your company can get a better understanding of whether you currently have a performance measurement system in place that is reliable. That way, you can make any necessary adjustments to better judge performance in the future.

Information Systems Reliability

Your team relies on making judgments based off accurate information. Unlike years ago, the information needs to be online and in real time. Therefore, your company needs systems that are reliable from the start. Otherwise, you can encounter a lot of problems and mistakes if you need to correct information after the fact. With our assurance services in Washington IL, your company can assess whether your internal information systems are providing reliable numbers. That way, your operations and financial decisions get based off accurate information.

Assurance Services Washington IL


Unfortunately, many businesses suffer from stunted growth with ecommerce due to a lack of confidence in systems that are in place. With our assurance services in Washington IL, you can get an assessment of the systems and tools that are part of your ecommerce setup. With our assistance, you can judge whether your ecommerce platform provides appropriate data security, integrity, reliability, and privacy.

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Your company decision makers can make better informed decisions with more confidence in the reliability of the information at their fingertips. Your business can reach that level of certainty with Martin Hood assurance services in Washington IL. Give us a call at 309-220-5519 or contact us now to schedule a consultation.