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Does My Business Need a CPA in Morton IL?

Your business can improve efficiency, get better cashflow, and reduce tax liabilities with help from a Martin Hood CPA in Morton IL. We offer a wide range of business advisory services that help your company build a brighter financial future. Our accounting professionals can help your business move forward. No matter your current phase in a business lifecycle, we customize services that encourage any stage of business growth. Give our accountants a call for any of the following services:

For 40 years, our accounting firm has helped small businesses gain more financial control, eliminate wasteful spending, and grow operations. Typically, small business owners need to do so much during day-to-day operations that they struggle to find time for long-term financial growth strategies. Our accountants can make recommendations that help you plan for the future of your business. Contact us today if you need more information about our company or services.

Is Your Business in the Startup Phase?

Then, you can get many helpful recommendations from a Martin Hood CPA in Morton IL. We can guide you in how to do the following:

  • The structure of your business
  • Creating a business plan
  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Maintaining compliance with government regulations
  • Identifying the perfect location for your business
  • Obtaining financing for your business

The way you structure your business makes a significant impact on your finances, taxes, and how you can grow operations. Our accountants can help you make sound financial decisions from the start. That way, you can avoid setbacks in the growth of your business by having to correct mistakes.

Does Your Business Have Employees?

You may not think your business in its first few years of operation will provide enough work for a CPA in Morton IL. However, our accountants can guide you on how to best utilize resources and capital with only a small workforce. We can help with the following:

  • Ensuring independent contractors and employees are properly classified
  • Oversight of expense and payroll payments
  • Provide guidelines for when to send out W2 and 1099 tax forms

Is Your Business Undergoing a Tax Audit?

Then, your company can receive step-by-step instructions on the best way to handle an audit from a Martin Hood CPA in Morton IL. Our accountants can review the audit letter to identify what information the IRS needs. Then, we can prevent you from oversharing information that could lead to more audits of past tax returns. Plus, we can ensure that your tax records get organized properly to provide the IRS with the necessary information. Finally, our CPA can represent you during the audit if you are too stressed or need to focus on other things.

Other Top Benefits of a CPA in Morton IL

There are several other benefits that your business can experience with help from a Martin Hood CPA. Our accounting professional can help your business answer these important questions:

  • Is your current budget working for your business?
  • Does your company understand what information is required in a financial statement?
  • Does your business know what information an auditor looks for in the audit process?
  • Are your employees classified properly?
  • Does you business plan match your forecast for the financial future of your business?
  • Could your business gain assistance from a professional familiar with tax codes?
  • Can your business benefit from a professional who handles accounting and tax preparation duties?
CPA Morton IL

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Your business can take advantage of many helpful services provided by a Martin Hood CPA in Morton IL. Contact us now to find out more about how our services can help your company. Call today at 309-220-5519 to schedule a consultation.