How to Handle an Audit Peoria IL
How to Handle an Audit Peoria IL

Don’t Fret! Learn How to Handle an Audit from Peoria IL Accountants

While not something everyone goes through, you might find yourself, one day, dealing with an audit on your taxes. However, there’s no need to panic. The team at Martin Hood LLC can show you how to handle an audit in Peoria IL, and help you resolve it.

Martin Hood offers excellent tax prep and accounting services for families and businesses alike. Furthermore, our team partakes in industry-focused training, so we can better provide your business with the financial guidance you require.

Your Taxes are Under Audit; What Do You Do?

Here are a few of the steps you need to take to help resolve your tax audit quickly and efficiently:

  • Gather All Financial and Tax Info – The IRS will ask for proof of income, deductions, tax credits and more to ensure you were truthful in your filing. Be forward and provide as much info as possible. All forms, bills, receipts, and reports you can gather will go a long way towards resolving your audit.
  • Be Prompt – If the IRS sets deadlines to provide specific info, make sure you are prompt with your responses. The last thing you want is to be late with the IRS.
  • Take the Time You Need – Although you ought to be prompt, if you need more time to gather necessary information, be sure to let the IRS know. For the sake of ensuring your tax filing is correct, they can accommodate to providing you more time.
  • Don’t Be Pushed Around – While an audit is something to take seriously, remember you still possess legal rights as a taxpayer. If you have any reason to suspect you are being treated unfairly or with hostility during the audit process, be sure to talk with an auditor’s manager or request outside help.
  • Find the Right Support – Most importantly, you need to find tax professionals to show you how to handle an audit in Peoria IL. Martin Hood’s team works directly with you and can speak and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. We will help you prepare your records, uncover potential mistakes in filings, and protect your rights as a law-abiding taxpayer.
How to Handle an Audit Peoria IL

The Financial Help You Need

While tax audits can be scary, ensuring your financial success should be something to get excited about! And with a little help from Martin Hood, we can get your family or business on the right track. For example, our services include:

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