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Your company can maximize time savings by delegating labor intensive duties to the Martin Hood payroll service in Morton IL. Our payroll specialists will not require a large time investment from your business for input or oversight. Plus, we provide a host of services that handle a lot of work across the spectrum of business functions. Call our team for payroll services that provide the following benefits:

  • Help with overcoming challenges for your business
  • Allow your company flexibility to undergo significant changes
  • Assistance with employee benefit plans
  • Ensure compliance with legal rules and requirements
  • Save your company time and money on payroll tax mistakes that may result in audits and fines

Our accounting firm has allowed Central Illinois businesses to outsource their payroll for 40 years. Plus, we can assist you company with everything from tax planning and preparation to handling your complete financial function as a virtual CFO. Contact Martin Hood now to schedule a confrontation to see how our services can lead to your company’s financial success.

Overcome Business Challenges by Outsourcing Payroll

A recent survey found small business owners considered some of their biggest challenges to be in the following areas:

  • 11% of business owners stated payroll and other administrative duties are a top challenge
  • 13% of business owners cited time management as one of their biggest challenges
  • 16% of business owners considered recruiting and retention as one of their biggest obstacles

Your business can receive assistance in meeting these challenges with Martin Hood payroll service in Morton IL. Our payroll specialists can provide cost-effective services that take away the hassle of administrative work. Plus, they can take on payroll tasks to free you up for core business operations. Also, our payroll services can assist in choosing the best employee benefit plans to help recruit and retain the best workforce.

Enjoy Greater Flexibility with Payroll Services

The past few years have provided unprecedented challenges for small business owners. Your company can take steps to add flexibility with Martin Hood payroll service in Morton IL. If you need to rapidly scale up or down, our payroll experts can handle all the adjustments to your payroll system quickly. That way, your company can grow stronger by capitalizing from positive changes. Also, you can mitigate negative changes by minimizing the disruption and downside with outsourced payroll.

Stay Compliant with Rules and Regulations

With Martin Hood payroll service in Morton IL, your company gets professionals who keep track of all the payroll withholding and coverage rules. Also, our payroll professionals can avoid errors with employee benefit plans and deferred compensation plans. We can handle all of the necessary roles in a timely fashion to present the IRS flagging your business for an audit. Most importantly, we encourage your employees to stay with the team by ensuring deposits go through on time and taxes are handled in an appropriate manner.

Avoid Mistakes that Trigger Audits and Fines

IRS fines can cost you big. In fact, the IRS levied $6.4 billion in penalties on business income and $4.8 billion on employment taxes in 2018. Your business can avoid running afoul of the IRS with help from Martin Hood payroll service in Morton IL. Our accounting professionals can make sure your taxes stay accurate and get paid on time. Most importantly, we can help your business avoid mistakes that result in unexpected penalty payments and time-consuming tax audits.

Other Business Advisory Services Available

Martin Hood business consultants, accountants, and payroll specialists have you covered for a variety of services that benefit your business. Let us know if we can help grow your business with the following available services:

Payroll Service Morton IL

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