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Rely on Peoria accountants who began assisting individual, business, and governmental clients more than 35 years ago with a simple promise. The Martin Hood LLC team gets answers to tough questions for its clients. Financial matters get complicated quickly. So, you need organized certified public accountants who get all the details right and provide accurate information. We built our firm on the belief that a collaborative, community-based approach provides the most value for our clients. As a result, our steadfast approach to educating and training our staff has allowed us to recruit and retain some of the best professionals in our industry. Do you have a financial concern related to taxation, bookkeeping, payroll, or process improvement? Click here to get the answers you are seeking from one of our talented accountants.

How Can Peoria Accountants Add Value to a Business?

Peoria accountants can advise business owners against common misconceptions about bookkeeping. In fact, many businesspeople view bookkeeping as a low-value, commoditized administrative function-driven only by compliance. However, accurate bookkeeping is a valuable layer of your business that underscores the entire financial function of your company.

Martin Hood LLC can set up your financial accounting systems and even handle your entire financial function. As a result, you can get back to focusing on revenue-generating functions of your business. Consequently, our team can provide accurate reporting of your information. In addition, we can provide insights on process improvement and enable you to make educated decisions based on our financial data assessments. As a result, we can become a partner in strategizing for funding mechanisms, capital raising, pricing, mergers and acquisitions, and more. Furthermore, we can ensure you remain tax compliant throughout your operational processes.

Top Reasons Peoria Accountants Are a Wise Investment

Once you move past the 1040EZ tax form stage of your life, you will find hiring Peoria accountants is a wise investment. Because taxes become more complicated if you have kids, own a business, and more, you need qualified professionals. Trust Martin Hood LLC certified public accountants and consultants who keep current with ever-changing tax regulations to manage these difficult tax concerns. Need more convincing? Here are five reasons to call Martin Hood LLC to handle your individual, business, or governmental entity tax filings:

  1. Tax Law – Local, state, and federal authorities all levy different rules when it comes to taxation. Therefore, keeping on top of all the different rules quickly becomes challenging unless you are a qualified professional. For example, the Affordable Care Act of 2015 caused one of the biggest changes in 20 years of tax code regulations. This impacted individuals and businesses alike significantly.
  2. You Are Self-Employed – Taxes become a monumental chore when you are self-employed. You need correct calculations on things such as your home office, mileage, internet connection, new equipment and depreciation cost to stay in compliance. Qualified professionals can save self-employed individuals thousands of dollars in tax write-offs.
  3. Math is Not Your Thing – The qualified Peoria accountants at Martin Hood LLC like math. So, the task of tracking account balances, earned interest, and keeping tabs on tax deductions is much easier for our team than average individuals. In addition, our team processes so many tax filings that they gain valuable insights that others who are not professionals do not.
  4. You Have Multiple Streams of Income – Say you have a full-time job but also make money working part-time or from renting a property. Taxes become much more complicated with multiple income streams. You may be eligible for tax savings that you do not know exist, but our accountants do.
  5. We Save You Time – The most important resource Martin Hood LLC consultants save you is time. The IRS estimates that the average individual spends more than 13 hours processing their tax return. However, our professional accountants process hundreds of returns every year. The process remains fresh in their minds because it is a constant focus. So, that enables them to process your return quicker and more accurately. In addition, Martin Hood accountants can advise you throughout the year on ways to minimize your tax obligations.
Peoria Accountants

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Count on Peoria accountants who provide an accurate count of your financial data. Call Martin Hood LLC today at 217-351-2000. to see all the wonderful services we can offer you. In addition, you can visit our office at 4801 N Prospect Rd, Peoria Heights, IL 61616, if you have any questions.