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Peoria Accounting Firm

Central Illinois Votes Peoria Accounting Firm as Top Choice

When you need answers from a Peoria accounting firm, trust the one individuals, businesses and government entities recently chose as their most trusted advisor in central Illinois. Martin Hood LLC formed more than 35 years ago with the belief that a collaborative, community-based approach serves clients better. In fact, our dedication to training and recruiting some of the most talented certified public accountants and consultants in our industry has built our tradition of excellence. As you can see, the vote speaks to the satisfaction our clients enjoy our service. So, work with the accountants in central Illinois voted as the best. Click here now to ask us a question or schedule a consultation on how we can help you with bookkeeping, payroll, tax filings, and more.

How Can a Peoria Accounting Firm Help My Business?

Even the most successful businesses can find room to grow and improve with qualified advice from a Peoria accounting firm like Martin Hood LLC. We provide the convenience of setting up your accounting system and monthly bookkeeping. In addition, some clients find it more profitable for them to completely outsource their payroll and financial function management to us. Furthermore, we offer year-round tax planning to minimize your tax obligations and help you make decisions on big purchases and sales.

Financial Data Analysis

Many businesses benefit from Peoria accounting firm Martin Hood LLC analyzing cash flow reports and other financial data. As a result, our accountants can track where money flows from your business. Consequently, our advisors can provide guidance on how to make improvements to processes, cash flow, budgeting, and workflow. Therefore, we can help streamline your business to position it to keep growing and improving.

Information Reporting

Martin Hood LLC accountants can provide your business with more financial clarity, positioning you for more success. We can provide accuracy in tax filings, shareholder reports, and budgetary information. As a result, we can interpret the data to help you make informed decisions that keep your business healthy and profitable.

Tax Planning and Filing

Frequent tax code changes from the IRS, state, and local authorities make hiring a respected Peoria accounting firm like Martin Hood LLC a necessity. In fact, our experienced accountants can help you plan year-round to maximize deductions and minimize tax obligations. In addition, we can provide insight into the tax impact of major acquisitions, mergers, and sales for your business. Therefore, we can structure your filings in a way to get the biggest return possible.

Business Advisory Services on Major Issues

Martin Hood LLC accountants can assist and provide troubleshooting on major financial concerns. Whether it is audits, financial records, strategizing for growth or accounting clean up to attain tax compliance, we can help. Most importantly, we can provide direction on process improvement, installation of financial monitoring systems and interpret your finances to help your decisions.

Peoria Accounting Firm

Do I Need a Peoria Accounting Firm for My Personal Finances?

Taxes become complicated when you are self-employed, have kids, multiple streams of income, or make money on rental property. Martin Hood LLC accountants process hundreds of tax filings every year. Consequently, our team becomes well versed in tax write-offs such as depreciation, mileage, purchases of new business equipment, and home offices. So, we know ways that you may not even know exist to get you the biggest return possible. In addition, we can assist you with estate planning, planning for financing your child’s college education, and investing.

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Schedule a consultation with an experienced Peoria accounting firm who gets all the details right and provides you precise financial data information. Call Martin Hood LLC now at 217-351-2000. In addition, you can visit our office from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at out office at 4801 N Prospect Rd, Peoria Heights, IL 61616.