Remote Working going forward

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Remote Working going forward

November 12, 2020

Remote Working going forward

Since the pandemic in March, when everyone went home to work there has been a lot of buzz about remote working being the wave of the future. I have to wonder if this is really the true.

Sure, there are some great aspects to remote learning. To name a few:

  • You can save time by not having to commute and that saves money!
  • The working world is now accepting that we have lives, children, dogs, etc. All hard to escape on a Zoom meeting.
  • Working people can be flexible with the balance of work and life. Who hasn’t enjoyed the benefit of throwing in a load of laundry in between meetings 😀

It has become clear that long-term remote working is an important tool to enhance an employee’s flexibility. However, fully remote working creates loss of culture and personal connection that is crucial to the effectiveness and productivity of a business.

In particular, it is difficult for younger people new to the company and work force.  These employees long for the socialization with their peers provided in an office environment. For them working remotely can be lonely. It can also be difficult to learn remotely.  Yes, training can be done remotely. But you lose that “lean across the desk casual question asked’ that is such a crucial part of the learning process.

Ultimately, my hope is that we merge the best of both worlds.  Working back at the office, understanding at times working from home is better, and being flexible enough to celebrate the mix!