Tax Prep Peoria IL
Tax Prep Peoria IL

Quality Tax Prep in Peoria IL for More Than 35 Years

Martin Hood LLC certified public accountants know the ins and out of tax prep in Peoria IL. Our professionals invest the time and effort it takes to learn changes to tax codes to get you the money you are entitled to receive. Did you know the IRS reports that most Americans are entitled to receive refunds of more than $2,600 each year? Unfortunately, the reality is small mistakes on tax filings prevent many individuals or businesses from receiving their eligible money. The Martin Hood LLC team knows everyone could use a little more money right now, and we use tax planning strategies to get the most for our clients.

Save Time on Tax Prep in Peoria IL

The IRS reports that Americans can expect to spend more than 13 hours when they handle tax prep on their own. However, returns with complex tasks such as multiple itemized deductions and depreciation can take much longer. Wait, there is more. Did you know the latest IRS pamphlet on tax code changes for individuals contains more than 11 pages of reading material? Furthermore, business owners have another 11-page pamphlet from the IRS to read on updates impacting that filing. Sure, you could skip out on doing the homework, but are you prepared for an audit or costly penalties if you make a mistake? Do not risk it. Let our certified public accountant at Martin Hood LLC handle your tax prep in Peoria IL.

Filing Mistakes Cost More than We Do

Nobody is perfect. Anyone can make a small mistake when performing tax prep in Peoria IL. Unfortunately, small mistakes can come with a huge cost. Just ask Joe Biden. Yes, that Joe Biden – the prominent politician in the news. The Motley Fool recently reported Joe Biden made a common mistake on his family’s 2018 tax return. No big deal, right? Wrong. It turns out Biden’s error added up to a refund of more than $22,000. Unfortunately, the reality is mistakes like the one Biden made occur all the time. Let the professionals at Martin Hood LLC handle your tax prep in Peoria IL to ensure your family gets the money you are entitled to receive. In fact, our accountants can review returns from previous years to see if they can find even more money for you from filing mistakes in the past.

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Martin Hood LLC knows all the tricks of the trade for tax prep in Peoria IL, but that is not all we do. Our consultants help individuals, businesses, governmental agencies and non-profit groups such as yourself with year-round planning to grow your wealth. For more information on our services, click on links from the following list to read more about us:

Tax Prep Peoria IL

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Save time and money with experienced tax prep in Peoria IL. Call Martin Hood LLC at 309-322-7643. In addition, you can use our convenient contact form if you prefer to send us an email. Also, you can also stop by our office during normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 4801 N Prospect Rd, Peoria Heights, IL 61616.