Tax Services Peoria Heights IL
Tax Services Peoria Heights IL

Tax Services in Peoria Heights IL Suited to Your Needs

As you begin to prepare your taxes before the deadline approaches, you might quickly discover you need more assistance than you originally intended. However, there’s no fault in that; local and federal tax laws are confusing and constantly changing. To ensure you prepare your taxes correctly and efficiently, you may need to rely on tax filing professionals. And thankfully, Martin Hood LLC is precisely the accounting firm locals turn to for tax services in Peoria Heights IL.

What We Offer

Martin Hood’s tax managers offer various services to assist Central Illinois locals in sorting through their taxes, whether personal, family, business or otherwise. Additionally, if facing an audit, our team can assist.

  • Personal Tax Prep – In today’s busy world, it isn’t easy to make time for anything extra. And that’s especially true when it comes to tax preparation. Organizing files, acquiring tax documents, pulling out receipts and more can quickly overwhelm anyone. However, with a tax manager from Martin Hood, we can take care of the most challenging aspects of tax planning. Furthermore, we can assist with unique tax scenarios, such as new real estate, stocks, cryptocurrency and more.
  • Business Tax Prep – Whether starting a new business or running an existing company, tax planning comes as a significant task for any business owner. And when it comes to business taxes, there are more laws, rules and regulations your organization must follow. It’s here that Martin Hood can provide you with the guidance you need. We can help you organize all your expenses, determine potential deductions, and avoid potential audits from the IRS.
  • Handling Audits – Speaking of audits, they are sometimes unavoidable for individuals, families and businesses alike. And when facing an audit, it requires an incredible amount of work to resolve. Thus, employing tax services in Peoria Heights IL from a professional like Martin Hood becomes crucial. We will help you organize all necessary documents and receipts the IRS wants to see. Furthermore, we will handle contact and negotiations with the IRS, acting as the middleman for your audit.
Tax Services Peoria Heights IL

Additional Financial Assistance

With all your tax needs taken care of, you’ll be happy to know the additional ways Martin Hood can assist with your personal or business finances. We are a full-service accounting firm serving popular industries such as real estate, nonprofits, agribusiness and more. Some of the services we offer include:

Give Us a Call

When looking for tax services in Peoria Heights IL, you can count on the professionals at Martin Hood LLC to have you covered. To learn more about our services, call us today at 309-322-7643. Also, we are located at 4801 N Prospect Rd, Peoria Heights, IL 61616.