Three Myths About Accountants: Debunked!

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Three Myths About Accountants: Debunked!

October 21, 2016

Three Myths About Accountants: Debunked!

Two weekends ago, a new movie came out called “The Accountant.” Who knew an accountant’s life could be exciting enough to be made into a movie?! While Ben Affleck portrays Hollywood’s idea of an accountant, we debunk three myths that many people have about accountants:

1. You must do a lot of math. – While math is inherent in the work we do, we do a lot more than just count beans. For example, did you know that we offer a variety of consulting services, ranging from business valuations to estate planning?

2. Accountants are boring. – Nerdy? Maybe. Boring? No! This couldn’t be further from the truth, at least here at MHFA. As a firm, we take pride in our work-life balance and encourage fun amidst hard work.

3. You’re an accountant? You must do taxes. – We certainly have some of the brightest tax accountants, if we do say so ourselves. But we also have accountants specializing in audit and accounting services. Our audit department offers many different types of assurance services to businesses to test financial information and provide recommendations for improvements in financial reporting and profitability. Our accounting services department offers services to meet any business accounting needs like payroll, bookkeeping, or any other problem solving needs.

While the life of an accountant may never closely mirror that of the character Ben Affleck portrays, it is a career that is richly rewarding. Give us a call or shoot us an email with any questions!