Virtual CFO Peoria Heights IL
Virtual CFO Peoria Heights IL

Financial Advice for an Affordable Price: Hire a Virtual CFO in Peoria Heights IL

As your company continues to grow, you’ll need ways to keep your revenue up. And by hiring a chief financial officer (CFO), you can do precisely that. However, full-time CFOs don’t come cheap. And you don’t want to hire someone to help increase your revenue for that same person to cut into your profits significantly. That’s why there’s the option of a virtual CFO. If looking to spend less to earn more, Martin Hood LLC can provide the virtual CFO Peoria Heights IL companies need.

What Does Your Virtual CFO Do?

Put simply, a virtual CFO does anything a full-time CFO does, but remotely and not under your direct employment. And as a CFO, we offer services such as:

  • Business Counseling and Guidance
    • You not only get the advice of a CFO when you hire Martin Hood, but you get guidance backed by our entire accounting team. And as a veteran in finances, we can provide sound business counseling to help you advance your goals, stay competitive in your industry, and continue your company’s growth.
  • Financial Planning
    • Your virtual CFO will perform a detailed analysis of your business’s finances to develop a financial plan with the most chance of success. Sometimes, planning will include cash flow management and forecasting, identifying opportunities for budgeting and more.
  • Risk Management
    • Even the most well-laid plans can quickly go awry due to changes in budget, unexpected costs and new competition. Your virtual CFO for Peoria Heights IL will work to head off threats to your business’s earnings ahead of time through risk management.
  • Cost Management
    • Is the money your spending going to the right places? Could you do more by hiring more qualified employees or running your business with a leaner staff? Your CFO will help determine where your budget goes, what can be cut, and what can be improved on through cost management.
Virtual CFO Peoria Heights IL

Other Accounting Services

While Martin Hood LLC offers various services through our virtual CFO, we also offer other accounting services geared more towards specific parts of your business or personal finances. For example, we offer:

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Make the next step in your company’s growth by hiring a virtual CFO in Peoria Heights IL. Learn more by calling Martin Hood LLC today. You can contact us at 309-322-7643. Also, our Peoria office is located at 4801 N Prospect Rd, Peoria Heights, IL 61616.